All kinksters welcome!

a bit more about us ...
First of all we're a friendly bunch and if you stumbled upon us in the pub, at first glance you probably wouldn't guess that we were a bunch of crazy kinksters.  That's what makes the Watford Munch a great gathering.

This is Willy Wat Wodent, our Munch Mascot ....

... so if you should ever wander in to the Load of Hay on the 3rd Tuesday of any month looking for us, just look out for Willy and you'll know you've found the right table.

What do we do at the Watford Munch?

On Munch nights at the pub we simply meet, chat, drink and have a bit of a laugh.
It's a social event, and although we don't play in the pub, we can (and do) chat quite openly.  Of course the best way to find out what a munch is like, is to come along and join us one evening.

What else do we do?

Some of us also attend other munches, play events & clubs and go to the Fetish Fairs and Alternative Markets.  We had a great Christmas Party in 2015 when we hired a dungeon venue.  I'm sure we'll arrange more in the future.

So really, if there's an event that you know about that you think other Watford Munchers might like aswell, then suggest it.  Chances are that a few of us would love to come along (or may already be going) and it's usually nice to know that you'll know other people at events too.

Want to know more?  Then contact us through the Contact Us page.

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